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Canning Apple Cider

canned apple cider canned apple cider (photo by jhy)
You will need: apple cider
quart canning jars
lids and rings
jar lifter
paper towel

Canning apple cider is one method to preserve the goodness of cider all winter. The ones I canned have a small amount of floating "stuff" on top, but I can easily strain that out when they are opened. It's the result of not skimming the foam quite completely enough.

Prepare canning jars by washing and sterilizing. Then fill with hot apple cider leaving 1/2 inch headspace.

Follow general directions for hot water bath canning, and process for 20 minutes.

Remove from water, cool, remove rings, label and store.


Unknown said...

Oh, GOOD - I canned mine without straining and it's full of floaties. I'm glad to hear that that's what you do, too! I just figured it was easier to strain a litre at a time than the 16 litre bucket.

Haddock said...

Feel like simply picking up a bottle from there :-)

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