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Gathering Wild Grapes

Wild grapes are good for a number of food products. There are several varieties, and they are all fine for use. In the video, I'm collecting summer grape, Vitis aestivalis, but fox grape, frost grape, riverbank grape (and others) are all fine too. Experts recognize between 19 and 35 species of native North American grape, and the taxonomy is probably changing as we speak. They are all fine to use.

Wild grape fruits grow in clusters, just like domestic grapes, but the fruits will be smaller. They are also much more acid (sour). Some years they are sweeter than others. In any case, wait until after the first frost before collecting them, because they will be sweeter then.

In the video I suggest using scissors to cut off the clusters, which works well, but they can just be broken off by hand. I found a vine that was covered when I was out and about yesterday, and collected a pail full in just a few minutes, by hand.

In any event, the fruits are small, and unless it's an exceptionally good year there will be more waste than with commercial grapes, so be sure you collect lots!


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