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Preparing Crabapple Juice for Storage

hot crabapple juice in kettle skim the foam with a metal spoon (photo by jhy)
You will need: Prepared juice, see Making Crabapple Juice
kettle large enough to heat the juice you want to process
quart canning jars
lids and rings
jar lifter
canning funnel
a kettle to sterilize the jars (or you can do this in the canner)
spoons, ladle, scoop, small dishes, etc.
paper towel (or some very clean cloth)
cloth towel

Basically, you are going to fill sterile jars with hot juice, and process for ten minutes in a boiling water bath. Be sure you understand the Basics of Hot Water Bath Processing, and that you have all the necessary Equipment.

hot crabapple juice in canning jar jar with a half-inch headspace (photo by jhy)
Heat the juice to boiling. It will probably develop some foam on the surface, and you can skim that off with a metal spoon.

Fill clean, sterile jars with the hot juice, leaving a half-inch headspace. Wipe the rim of the jar with a clean, damp paper towel. Make sure the rim is really clean or the jar probably won't seal. Cover with a softened canning lid, snugly screw on a ring, and place the jar in the canner which should be about half full of hot water.

When all the jars are filled and in the canner, process for ten minutes. Remove to a surface covered with a towel. Let cool, check to be sure they are sealed. Remove rings if desired. Label and store.

home-canned quarts of crababble juice seven quarts of crabapple juice, sealed (photo by jhy)


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